• Smiljana Bundovska University Institute of Radiology Skopje, Faculty of Medicine, Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, R.North Macedonia
  • Gordana Antuleska Belceska University Institute of Radiology Skopje, Faculty of Medicine, Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, R.North Macedonia
  • Goran Spirov University Institute For Positron-Emision Tomography R. North Macedonia


Osteomas are osteoblastic neoplasms affecting the parietal and frontal bone.  Mastoid osteomas of temporal bone are rare benign tumors with incidence of 0.1%-1% of all benign tumors of the skull.We present a case of a young 19-year-old female who complained of right posterior auricular hard swelling which had gradually increased in size over the past 2 years and felt pain for less than a year.There was no history of trauma, symptoms of inflammation or occlusion of the ear canal. She felt a pain during the eruption of her second molar teeth. Non-contrast CT was done and it showed a well-defined densely calcified lesion of bone attenuation in the right mastoid posteriorly measuring 1.7 × 1 × 2.3 cm. The middle ear cavity, ossicular chain, inner table of skull and diploe were normal with no extension intracranially and no bony destruction. These findings spoke in favor of a mastoid osteoma.

Key words: osteoma, temporal bone, ear


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